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Overexpression of the Sarcolemmal Calcium Pump in the Myocardium of Transgenic Rats

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Journal Title: Circulation Research
Authors and Corporations: Hammes, Annette, Oberdorf-Maass, Silke, Rother, Tobias, Nething, Katja, Gollnick, Frank, Linz, Klaus W., Meyer, Rainer, Hu, Kai, Han, Hong, Gaudron, Peter, Ertl, Georg, Hoffmann, Sigrid, Ganten, Ursula, Vetter, Roland, Schuh, Kai, Benkwitz, Claudia, Zimmer, Hans G., Neyses, Ludwig
In: Circulation Research, 83, 1998, 9, p. 877-888
Type of Resource: E-Article
Language: English
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